The Fusion Battle Belt

The Rundown

The Warcloud Collective started a collaboration/sponsorship with Fusion Tactical USA. After multiple creative meetings we found a common ground that's unseen in the tactical industry. Fusion is a legit splinter cell shop with worldwide reach. We visit their HQ in Chino Hills, CA quite frequently, simply because they treat us like family there. "It's the experience". Essentially Fusion is a climbing company breaking into the realm of tactical gear and extrication systems. 

Let's talk about the belt

It's a 3-part system composed of an interior every day trouser belt, a modular waist pad, and a variable outer belt that has 16 to 32 slots of heavy duty molle construction. To top it all off Fusion has their own buckle known as the Raptor, a quick release made out of aluminum. Color options come in: Black, OD Green, Coyote Tan, and Multicam. At first glance it looks like any other battle belt. But what other's don't have is the adjustable molle space 'nor the climbing harness capabilities. The Trident* outer belt allows the user deploy flap downs for additional molle slots as needed. The construction of the outer belt is velcro based. All of the stitching is rated. Fusion is a climbing company since it's inception so they definitely know their ratings on stitching and construction. Who better to make a battle belt that transitions to any situation as if it was optimus prime! It's quite genius if you ask us. 

Assault Climber Loadout

Coming soon is the entire rapid bailout kit & pouch ready for molle attachment into your plate carrier or belt. It might be mission specific but it's perfect for your go-bag or bugout vehicle knowing you're going into a mountainous or urban high rise situation. Team sit-downs created a seamless bailout system for anyone who is in a "jam" or escape/evade situation. This battle belt breaks out into a level two harness ready for rappelling. All you would need of course is your hardware and roping. With the user, safety is paramount. 

These Rapid Bailout items can be fit into tear away ifak sized pouch. 

  • Fusion leg loops
  • Rope (7.5mm technora rope) anywhere between 30' to 50' *option A
  • Webbing(1.5" wide) between 30' to 50' *option B 
  • Fusion Tudor Snaplock (your anchoring system)
  • 2 to 3 Fusion Essence triple autolock carabiners.
  • Compact 8 (lowering hardware)

Key Features


  • Raptor™ quick-release aluminum buckles
  • High density impregnated velcro
  • 3 rows reinforced triple stitching & bar tack with T131 nylon bonded thread
  • UV/Resin coated MIL-SPEC Type 13 webbing
  • Steel Delta Ring
  • Built-in Belt Keepers
  • Hook & loop double interior velcro adjustment
  • 3-tiered section prevents sagging
  • Available in 4 sizes: S, M, L & XL
  • 5,000 lb rated resin treated webbing
  • Natural contour of the belt wraps around your waist like a glove
  • Ghost MOLLE flaps can be folded inward when not in use; quick pull downward for customizing gear location on flap
  • Escape-ready D-ring with keeper for emergency use.
  • Quick-release aluminum Raptor™ buckle