6 key features we implement in our BLADES OF THE BUFFALO SOLDIERS

  1. Size: If the blade is too big you will sacrifice the ability to effectively use it concerning smaller game, precision cuts, or fine carving. If the blade is too small it will not perform well with rugged tasks such as chopping or battering knife strikes. So our ideal size of the blade is 9-11 inches in length. 
  2. Fixed Blade: Makes the piece more durable and reliable than a folding knife. It has the upper hand when it comes to meeting the demands of survival and any situation it might present. Essentially its suited for pounding, chopping, thrusting, prying, and rigorous cutting.
  3. Hybrid Tang: We use the "Bowie" Blade pattern and they usually come in "Full Tang" which indicates that the blade and handle are constructed from one continuous piece of metal. Scales or grips are typically attached to the handle portion for a more comfortable grip. We strategically grind down the tang to fit the handle and heat cure it before setting it in place of the deer or elk antler handle. We take a high quality epoxy resin to set the blade and tang into the handle. With extreme conditions the integrity of metal and antler are highly durable and would take extreme force in order to destroy.
  4. Sharpness: For obvious reasons we keep our blades extremely sharp and we recommend you do as well. It starts at the tip. The first element of use is always self defense against man or beast. Anything other than a sharp spear point tip compromises your ability to effectively thrust or stab your knife as a weapon–especially through thick fur/hide or layered clothing. Similarly, a spear point knife can be used as a hunting weapon–either by itself or lashed to a pole to create a longer reach spear. A sharp point can be used for: detailed prying, picking, cleaning, dressing small game such as fish, drilling, notching, clothing repair, splinters, processing some wild edibles.
  5. Blade Pattern Construction: We use the "Bowie" blade pattern conceptually designed in 1838 in the Bayou's of Louisiana. Created by Rezin Bowie who is brother to famed James Bowie. Butcher Knife profile with a sharp point and a straight back top spine which is at a 90 degree grind. A flat ground spine is ideal for striking and starting a fire ferro-rod style. The back edge of my knife as a thumb rest for added leverage and control during tedious carving projects such as feather sticks or notching triggers for traps and snare sets. Having a sharpened spine or double edged knife would make the Knife virtually inoperable when it comes construction tooling. The blade is pre-ground and Sharpened! 420 Stainless Steel with a 3mm Thick at thickest part of rear of blade.
  6. Handle and Pommel: Our handles are from Elk Bulls and White Deer Antlers. Antler is said to withstand six-times the force that can break the femur bone. It can work as a heavy duty pounder or hammering tool. It's perfect for driving in shelter stakes. You can use it as a weapon as well. The list of capabilities is extensive. Antler is extremely unlikely that they had any type of blood flow attached to them while apart of the animal's body, they are dry to the core!

Not all knives are created equal. Yet, the knife is the ultimate survival tool and has been battle tested for thousands of years.

The BLADES OF THE SHADOW SOLDIERS are completely handcrafted customized weapons. To meet basic needs on the frontier Troopers of the Buffalo Soldier Mounted Cavalry Unit have depended on a these blades to take care of survival needs: food, water, fire, and shelter. Now, in our modern society, we casually refer to this blade as the “survival knife.” It has certainly earned that name. It should be concealed yet kept accessible. During travels, hunting, trailblazing, etc. you should always have it in reach. BLADES OF THE BUFFALO SOLDIERS take care of cutting/slicing, digging, splitting, self-defense, first aid tooling, food prep, shelter building, fire making, screw-driving, hunting, prying, and signaling. Function of a skillfully designed combat or survival knife extremely overrides styling. The true value is in the skill of the one who wields it. Skill only comes from practice and repetition. You don’t buy a survival knife to decorate your man cave–it is a tool that’s meant to be used. Since the beginning of mankind, the cutting blade helped to shape how our ancestors hunted, fought, built, and survived. From cavemen with sharp rocks to a soldier in modern warfare, there will never be a relationship quite like that between a man and his blade. Choose yours wisely.


Handcrafted Knife Handle by ALERO.

Handle Options:

White Deer Antler: Our specialty! The holy grail of knife handles. You can completely customize, etch, add glow, and carve custom logos into this handle.
In addition to the White Tail Deer Antler you can receive your logo in a glow. This customization comes with a completely original concept of resin inlay with glow-in-the-dark attributes. You can choose from the 14 unique chemically compounded glows.
Wood: Your choice of select woods, hand crafted and etched. This is a completely custom service so please contact 10houtfitters@gmail.com for further collaboration.