Entry Level Build for AR15

Enlightenment period.

At one point in my life I was content with being an Old West weapons specialist. Read books upon books, collected 8+ guns in a matter of 2 years at one point. Every month I was buying a new firearm and shooting it! Not so much a guru of single action or medicine man / shaman when it came combat medicine but I know my history. More importantly Buffalo Soldier history. I hit a standstill so I wanted to take it a bit further. Guys in my unit stated to me that in a fight with anyone (modern day) they're going to have automatics and new aged weapons. I thought well I'll be damned if anyone is going to act like they can kill me, I shoot my single action like an automatic homie! Only thing was I couldn't reload as fast. Visual acuity and accuracy were fine as I normally don't rely on speed.

The Research

You are building an ArmaLITE Rifle. Not an Assault Rifle, Automatic Rifle. "AR" stands for ArmaLITE Rifle. So in your mission to complete and build this ArmaLITE Rifle learn everything about it! Simply put; watch all the youtube videos you can watch! The objective is to thoroughly enjoy the hunt! When learning didactically most people are visual so videos can help drastically. Read magazines. Join forums. Become engulfed with you are about to know everything about an semi-automatic rifle! Or automatic if you're outside California. 

Vision your rifle.

I started off with a simple sketch after looking at a million different rifles. Basically my blueprint. My dream rifle I could make for under $750Untitled-1

Understanding the Rifle


The only thing you need to actually have a background check for is your lower receiver.

These will cost you roughly $108 for the receiver itself. $50 for the Transfer. $25 for the DROS background check if you have a good Gunshop with FFL to work with.

Startup Budget.

Start your budget at about $750. Sure you can buy a complete very basic AR15 for that much maybe more. But it's no fun and hella generic. If you build your own you can learn everything there is to know about your gun. You'll take more pride in it. You'll be more attentive to detail. Trust yourself on this mission. 

If you're extremely smart you will have patience and buy something when it comes up on eBay. Snipe out your bids. One of those things when you wait to the very last second to bid and then bid immediately again against yourself so no one can phase your last bid! Re-read that last part if you didn't quite get it. Yea being a sniper when it comes to eBay bids is for real! 


Parts List:

  1. ButtStock from Magpul - $39+
  2. Angled Forend Grip AFG Magpul - $33
  3. MOE Magpul Grip
  4. Lower Receiver
  5. 5.56 NATO .223 Upper Receiver
  6. Nickel Boron Bolt Carrier Group aka BCG and Charging handle
  7. Holosun Optics - $80
  8. Front and Rear Sights - $60
  9. 2 stage trigger system of your choice.

OR just invest in a rifle kit that's a 16" MOE Magpul kit. As low as $369 on Palmetto state Armory. Comes with a Complete Upper and a stripped lower that's about 40 pieces. If you've put together legos as a kid you can for sure do this right here!  PALMETTO STATE ARMORY 

JOIN THEIR MAILING LIST! Snipe their daily deals. Some are $150 for complete uppers and lowers sometimes!

Build it and the bullets will come.

Build time: 5 hours

There's a couple youtube videos on how to build your AR15 Step by Step... Hunt for it!

Paint your masterpiece.

I thought long and hard about my paint job. I always loved the Joker and Donatello from the ninja turtles. I fell in love with the Kryptek styles of paint. So I bought Ironlak and Montana Spray paint because most spray jobs and cerakote would take forever and cost you $300 or More to get what you want done. This way I'm customizing it myself. Use whatever spray paint. Let it dry for 30 minutes in between layers and then go ahead and spray a clear coat of matte finish... *See video youtube directory below


kryptek Camo styles

You can interchange all of your colors easily. To get the patterns on e-bay this is your best bet Click Here about $45 for 10 sheets which can be reused and great for about 7 to 8 paint jobs.

Youtube Video Directory. Just click what you want to see.

Go out Drill and have fun!


Honestly this adventure took me a good month. I encourage you to submerge yourself into the art and gunsmithing. Buy a kit. Build your own, envision it how you want it to be, proceed, succeed.