Do you even Rescue Bro!?

10H Outfitters has teamed up with Strategic Rescue Products in an effort to bring you innovative battle tested gear for your every day carry in the field or when disaster strikes!

Fire & Rescue Grab Harness

X-Tract Tactical Rescue Harness

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Expect an amazing advance from the original Grab Harness. The Grab 2 is a larger and lightweight which allows the rescuer to better access grab straps and ultimately extract with greater ease.

Our Good Friend Special Forces Green Beret (Ret.) Jay Paisley of Crisis Application Group

Innovative and Revolutionary

The Grab Harness and X-tract Harness are victim/patient extraction tools designed to aid a Rescuer or Assault Medic in removing a victim from any emergency situation.

The Grab Harness fits around a rescuer’s waist and when deployed, its straps are secured underneath the victim’s arms. When tightened the majority of the victim’s weight shifted to the rescuer’s core. This allows rescue work to be completed more efficiently with less effort and stress on the rescuer. It also frees the rescuer's arms free during the evacuation, allowing them to easily maneuver around any potential obstacles.

Invented by firefighters, the Grab Harness is designed to remain out of the way when not in use and deploy quickly when needed. The Grab Harness fully integrates into Scott and MSA SCBA packs, making it a perfect rescue resource for Rapid Intervention Teams.

Product Specifications:

Constructed with 1680 Ballistic Fabric · Heavily Used in Law Enforcement Products

Quick Release Nautic Cobra Buckle

  • 2 Finger Saftey Release
  • Load Capacity: 2000 lbs. (900 kg)

Assymetric Stainless Steel Snap Hook · Working Load: 1763 lbs. (800 kg)

Fixed Bail Stainless Steel Snap Shackle · Breaking Load: 6172 lbs. (2800 kg)

Forged Adjustable Adapter for Belt

  • Breaking Load: 2500 lbs. (1100 kg)

Securely stitched using top stitching, bar tacking and zigzag stitching

Packing Instructions Video