Last Son Of The War God

It's realness, lawless, flawless!


Book Review

 Written by Clay Martin. This book is unreal! The tactics used to create a seamless storyline based on the wrong person picked for a fantasy cannibalistic hunt. It’s Book of Eli meets Rambo. Outstanding! The principles in the scripture are creative warrior ethos’ that can easily be embedded in the psyche of anyone who reads it. This book fires off themes of tracking and situational awareness, to reflections of a methodical warrior's thought process. It literally will bring you to the edge of your seat the first couple chapters in. Most books take people a couple weeks to read. This one will make you read all of it in a sub second Moa! And just like a direct action sniping; get dialed in, send it, and then send it again. Except it’s time to read it and then read it again. The style of writing is in depth. Taking you from laughter, to real ness, flawless, and honest takes on life. The movement is the struggle but the hustle is divine. The fact that the protagonist sees the world in such a badass view is the overall theme of holy shit, Vigilante.

     The protagonist is a tactical visionary. The killer man the United States Army has forgotten, but not the cruel unforgiving War God. He signed up to be a Soldier and serve the War God. The very "human contract" writer Clay Martin signed up for. I’m sure he never thought he’d write a novel come post career. But honestly who better to tell a story than the warrior himself. Respectful of his surroundings and nature itself. The sick and sinister part is that much like our beloved country deals with veterans in an asinine way, this book portrays what it’s citizens would do on the shitbag level. We had the chance to track down Clay Martin at Shot Show 2018 but with all the elusiveness of the Green Beret way he employed some SERE like tactics and slipped away back to his FOB (home), somewhere in the states. Luckily our big homie TVL is his sniper buddy and we’ll have a chance to sit and chat with him hopefully soon. Certain that the content we’ve learned in this book we can employ in real-time here in big bad Los Angeles. False prophets are everywhere and vigilant folks like us are out here willing to deal with them. As the book keeps reading on shit man, it’s epic. We feel like this novel should be a Hollywood movie with lead role played by some of us. A soundtrack musical score by jus allah, madchild, virtuoso, and Jedi mind tricks. You will find yourself with a highlighter marking up pages because they’re filled with knowledge and quotes full of badassery. Some serious life lessons, some of the best warrior ethos’, and creeds to ever be put on paper. Another huge asset of this book is learning what equipment to carry. Granted we have Clay Martin’s sniper buddy to learn off of. Yet everyone is different and carries certain loadouts. This guy rolls with a SAKO, we were grandfathered into the TIKKA loadout. 

     The flow of this book from chapter to chapter is amazing. Like riding the perfect rollercoaster of emotion. A perfect warrior like the Green Beret Medic (18D) A person who hunts and heals at the highest level. When reading the book; the fact that it could go from elite warrior in perfect confidence, to a group of men without leadership or with weakened visions blinded by fallacy sets an equilibrium and balance to the read. Personally this read had us so amped up and blood thirsty we had to play smooth jazz and r&b records in the background just to keep even! The edge of your seat thriller. Hands down one of the best books out! Go get it! Read it! We even made our own 18Zulu Bookmark.


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